Nationwide Point Prevalence Survey Experience

The point prevalence surveys were an academic exercise, but I must say though that I HAD SUCH A BLAST!!!!! I always felt energized by the excitement and anticipation of leaving Accra for the various survey sites we visited. The transportation to and from the survey sites were often a pleasant open-social time. I had the opportunity to learn about my project colleagues in a rather unstructured way and that helped us to increase social engagements and have a more positive feeling towards each other.  There was a lot of excitement and sense of adventure in all of us. It is one thing to see the picture of a place you would want to visit and quite another to see it face to face. I do not know much about the others but I was more excited because it was my first visit to the some regions beyond Accra (Noah Obeng-Nkrumah, Postdoc fellow, HAI-Ghana project)

By: Noah Obeng-Nkrumah (Puerperal infections work package)

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